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Double Direct Model

Streamline Regional Government with Double Direct Model

road to your niagara

Why the Double Direct Model?

  • Reduce number of politicians from Mayor plus 18 to Mayor plus 12 in St. Catharines for next election
  • 6 of 12 City councillors in St. Catharines will serve as both Region and City Councillor; Double Direct
  • Better communication and cooperation between the City and the Region, and City to City
  • Better teamwork among the 12 cities and towns of Niagara

proposed double direct model

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What Supporters Are Saying

  • It seems to me that the public, the people in Niagara, were in favour of directly electing the char.Karrie Porter, St. Catharines Councillor (2018)

Have Your Say

Are you in favour of the Council of the Regional Municipality of Niagara passing the necessary resolutions and bylaws to change the method of selecting its Chair from appointment by members of Regional Council to election by general vote of all electors in the Region? 

Yes or No?

Talk to your councillors and Mayor about the up coming commission report to the Province on modernizing Niagara under bill 39. 

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