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Timms wants referendum on elected regional chair

Posted Jun 12th, 2020

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By Karena Walter Standard Reporter
The St. Catharines Standard July 30th, 2018, Updated June 2020

On the same day as a heated debate in the legislature about Doug Ford's 11th-hour changes to Ontario's municipal election, St. Catharines regional Coun. Bruce Timms is calling for a referendum on having an elected chair.

Timms said he wants a referendum question on the Oct. 22 ballot asking the public if they want Niagara's regional chair to be chosen by an election-at-large in 2022.

To do that, he'll need the support of the premier, because the deadline for referendum questions on the ballot has passed.

"A simple referendum, regional chair at large yes or no, is a pretty simple way to ask the people," Timms said.

Niagara's chair since 1970 has been chosen by elected members of regional council, not by the public at large. In 2013, council adopted a motion that the head of council be appointed by members of council from the members of council.

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Are you in favour of the Council of the Regional Municipality of Niagara passing the necessary resolutions and bylaws to change the method of selecting its Chair from appointment by members of Regional Council to election by general vote of all electors in the Region? 

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Talk to your councillors and Mayor about the up coming commission report to the Province on modernizing Niagara under bill 39. 

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